Dry Stack Cladding

Dry Stack Cladding

  • Varying from 420mmx280mm (largest) to 90mmx90mm (smallest)
  • Approximate weight (Per 1m²): 55kg
  • Pieces (Per 1m²): 17

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Dry Stack Cladding simulates the old dry-packed method, where the loose trimmed stone of varying sizes was stacked on top of one another while using little or no grout between individual stones. The product is used both indoors and outdoors, with the bulk of the usage being outdoors. Dry Stacking gives a lovely textured feel to the surface where applied. Favorite applications include: Pillars, boundary walls, fireplaces, braais, and water features. Dry Stacking could also be grouted in with cement to create a feel similar to the traditional Overberg Fisherman Cottage.


Dry Stack Cladding comes in individual pieces. The thickness of the stones varies between 25mm -45mm. Stones are picked at random and not in a specific pattern.


Disclaimer: The actual colour shade of the product may vary from the images displayed on this website. Owing to only having one image of each item per size, the colour of the product image that will appear may not necessarily be the colour chosen on the dropdown menu.

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Beach Sandstone, Brilliant White, Charcoal, Desert Sand, Industrial Grey, Ivory, Kalahari, Mushroom, Namib, Red Dune


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