Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles

Available in Cape Town and Gauteng

The 100x100x20 mm (Petite), 215x215x20 mm, 440x215x20 mm, 300x300x20 mm, 400x400x20 mm, 595x595x20 mm and the 750x450x25 mm is not available in Gauteng.

PLEASE NOTE that not all products are available in Gauteng

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Used for both inside and outside, our tiles can be used on patios, in braai rooms or throughout the house. They will add charm to a stoep area or around the pool. A concrete slab is needed as a base. Just like the paver, the tiles are of light colour and porous and need to be sealed with the correct sealant. We recommend using a matt penetrating sealer to keep the natural look and retain its anti-slip properties For steps we recommend using a tile coping. It looks great and is softer on the toes…

These products can be used individually or in a random pattern.


20mm tile products weigh approximately 45 kg per m²

25mm tile products weigh approximately 55 kg per m²


Allow at least 20 – 30 mm cement/tile cement to bed the tiles. Always hide your cutting side by placing it to the back of the wall. Wet your tiles before laying it to allow the adhesive to “grow”. Grouting : we recommend a 3 part sand / 1 part cement mix for grouting. Pre-sealing the face of your tile helps to keep it cleaner during grouting. Make sure that the bottom and edges are not sealed, as this will weaken the bonding process. When grouting, work in manageable blocks. Do only as much as you can clean in a 20min period. Disclaimer: Actual colour shade of the product may vary from the images displayed on this website.

Disclaimer: The actual colour shade of the product may vary from the images displayed on this website. Owing to only having one image of each item per size, the colour of the product image that will appear may not necessarily be the colour chosen on the dropdown menu.

Additional information

Tile Range Sizes

100x100x20mm (petite), 110x110x20mm (Petite), 215x215x20mm, 300x300x20mm, 400x400x20mm, 440x215x20mm, 440x440x20mm, 595x595x20mm, 600x400x20mm, 750x450x25mm

Weight (per unit)

1.1kg, 11kg, 12kg, 2.5kg, 21kg, 4kg, 5kg, 9kg

Total Units (per 1m²)

10, 100, 11, 2.8, 2.95, 20, 4.2, 5


Sandblasted, Sandstone, Slate


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